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Feel the way you want to feel. Release the pain of past emotional traumas. Rewrite your story.

Heal the past.

Explore new ways of being.

Create a calm, inspired you.

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Strengthen your inner resources. Stimulate natural healing processes. Become who and how you want to be.

Heal trauma and limiting beliefs.

Gain distance and relief from the past.

Move forward with confidence.

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Be fully present in the moment. Focus on what’s actually happening around you. Be calm, grounded, and connected to the people, environment, and events in your life.

Be here now.

Live in the moment.

Release anxiety and overwhelm.

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Couples Counseling

Kick start your relationship. Create a loving, spontaneous, fun bond. Finances, health, family, career, and communication break downs can threaten the stability of relationships. Rewind. Recommit. Restore.

Listen and be heard.

Leverage your strengths as a couple.

Connect and rebuild.

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Life Coaching

You're not happy with the status quo. You want more. Life balance. Soul mate. Passionate Career. Wellness. Develop a strategy. Get it now.

Clarify your dreams.

Define your goals.

Strategize steps to actualization.

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Improve Your Life

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I love your writing. You take a heavy subject and make it something anybody can handle. It’s like an exhale. I can’t wait to read your book!


A thoughtful, professional, and intelligent therapist. Highly recommended.