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Couples Counseling


Are you and your partner fighting all the time? Or not talking about the issues that make you feel resentful, defensive, or disrespected?

Communication breakdowns, health concerns, career troubles—whether it’s big issues or a buildup of everyday life irritations, can leave you both feeling unhappy and worried that your relationship is in trouble.

I will help you reconnect and reinvest in each other so that your relationship can become loving, spontaneous, and strong again.

Sometimes couples get stuck in the fear, stress, and pressure of life. Instead of turning toward each other for support and taking a team approach to problems, they turn away and begin blaming each other, scapegoating, or distancing. This results in many people feeling alone and lonely in their relationships.  


Conflicts can occur because of subconscious messages that get projected onto your partner, or trauma from previous relationships and/or your family of origin that disrupt being present and engaged in the now.

Every human needs to feel a sense of safety and belonging. It’s ingrained in our DNA and has kept us alive as a species for thousands of years. When safety and security is disrupted, it causes increased volatility and fight/flight reactions.

In my work with couples, partners are often fighting for the same end, but are “languaging” or strategizing differently from the other. Their end goal gets lost in words, actions, and frustrations. I can help you really hear each other, slow the conversation, and build a foundation that is securely rooted in the two of you as a unit.

Borrowing from the couples therapy experts The Gottman’s, Harville Hendrix Imago, Esther Perel, and Sue Johnson you will be supported in getting back to the basics of couplehood and end the destructive patterns threatening your relationship or marriage.







You will be supported in strengthening your foundation and moving toward the loving, passionate, secure bond you crave.

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