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COVID-19: Seeking a silver lining

COVID-19 is frightening. Most of us are wondering what COVID-19 will mean for our future. Not knowing what to expect is stressful. In fact, the three largest contributors to stress are: 1. uncertainty; 2. lack of information; and 3. lack of control. I’d say the Coronavirus has checked all three boxes. Many people are struggling with boundaries, privacy, and managing emotions while quarantining at home. Negotiating space, finding ”me time” for self care, and sitting with the uncomfortable feelings challenge even the best coping strategies.  So, let’s get back to basics. There’s no magic bullet but perhaps the closest thing is gratitude. Take a breath, get grounded in the now, and connect with your core values. Look around you and notice how many have manifested in your...

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EMDR Therapy Changes Lives

EMDR Therapy: Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing changes lives. EMDR can be thought of as an integrative physiologically based therapy that helps a person see emotional material in new and less distressing ways. A Certified EMDR therapist helps guide you in a specialized way to clear trauma, break through limiting beliefs, and create an empowered way of being you.   Using Mindfulness and bilateral stimulation while holding gentle pulsers, healthy memory processing is stimulated to gain emotional distance from difficult memories. Research shows that trauma & emotionally charged experiences can get physically frozen in time in your body. They live there in the present, interfering with your life, as if the experience is happening now. EMDR creates a natural flow of information processing so that balance is restored and memories become...

Retrain Your Brain – Better Stress Management

“I can’t take it anymore!” “I need a vacation!” “Maybe I'll sell everything and move to an island!” Have you had similar thoughts?  I know I have. This. Is. Stress. We ALL experience stress. It’s NORMAL in our highly opinionated, fast paced, multi-tasking, master of all domains world. In fact, I just had a perfect storm of stressors in my life that created exhaustion and overwhelm. But I'll spare you those gory details. What is stress??? The dictionary definition is: A state of mental or emotional strain resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Sound familiar? Your nervous system is activated. This is your fight or flight reaction. All functions aimed at survival take priority. And stress kills, right? Wrong! Research is demonstrating that it's what we do with stress that kills us. When there's a perceived threat in...