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Heather Edwards Psychotherapist and Coach

5 Tips to Reclaim Your Life.

Is ego, fear, or someone else’s vision keeping you stuck? You are the expert, master, and keeper of your life. What are your guiding philosophies?  Are you functioning from a place of blame, entitlement, lack, fear, and greed? Or from a position of responsibility, abundance, wealth, courage, and charity? And I’m not talking about money - but rather about strength, purpose and meaning. Maybe your mind is scattered and unfocused, or it seems too late to change course now. Maybe you forgot to ask questions and push back a little along the way. Perhaps what you want seems unobtainable. Maybe you’ve never been a lucky person, or there’s too much burdening you to see the possibilities. Our perspective is much like a camera lens. Sometimes we need to stop to adjust...

4 Steps to Bump Up Your Life

Why is it so difficult, and so important, to know the difference between thoughts and feelings? Sometimes thoughts happen so fast that they go unnoticed.   Instead, what we experience is a pit in the stomach, a racing heart and mind, or a sense of hopelessness that things will get better. It’s true that negative emotions seem instantaneous. They're automatic and natural consequences of events, right? Wrong!  That’s just not the case!   Although they can wash over us like a tidal wave, leaving us helplessly drowning in sorrow, fear, or numbness - there is a choice you can make between stressful events and negative feelings. Except for those real life fight or flight situations, where your safety or life is in actual danger, or in some post traumatic stress...

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Mind Like Water – Mastering Overwhelm

Raise your hand if you’re feeling overwhelmed.  Whether work, family, charity, your creative mind, or any other plethora of possibilities are pulling at your heart and psyche - overwhelm threatens your ability to give, forgive, focus, and be truly present. Maybe your inner chatter is telling you things should be different, you could be better, and wondering ‘why bother’ because it seems too hard to be the way you want to be, and feel the way you want to feel. Life is tough. Truth. Behold. It’s time to wake up. Step up. Let go. Be here now. The Taoist practice of "mind like water” is the embodiment of letting go. It is an open awareness, acceptance, and presence in the only moment in time that currently exists - this...

Heather Edwards Psychotherapist and Coach

Kung Fu Your Energy – Get Healthy with Open Awareness

As a kid, my sleeping imagination had no limits. My dreams were vibrant, colorful, moving, exciting, emotional, and physical. There were monsters, heroes, allies, and adventures. I could see, taste, touch, smell, and feel the twists and turns of events.  My unconscious mind was free to wander, explore, create, and fantasize. The governor, censor, parental control, and filter of any sort was non-existent as far as I could tell.  In the morning, the sensations from the intensity of my dreams lingered for a moment, leaving me wondering about the truth of their reality. Sometimes they scared me.  Sometimes they filled me with joy. Regardless of the theme, their dynamic, flowing, saturated richness left a lasting impression. And then, KAPOW! Hello, reality. Time for school. That wild imagination was...

Heather Edwards Psychotherapist and Coach

3 Ways to Make the Law of Attraction Work for You

You got the inside scoop on The Secret. You know that horrible dream where you’re in class and its exam day but you forgot to attend school all semester? You’re in a panic because you’re not prepared!  Well, you might feel panic now as you realize The Secret, on its own, doesn’t work. The universe isn’t manifesting your dreams without a little kick. The Law of Attraction isn’t enough. Hello, universe! You practice the Law of Attraction everyday - wishing, meditating, praying.  But you're intentions haven’t manifested!  Well, it's not surprising. What the experts didn't tell you is that the Law of Attraction is only part of the better-life-equation. There is power in positive thinking. That’s been proven. It helps to restructure our brain and trigger the flow of feel-good...

Feelings are Your Deeper Truth

Don’t you hate it when you’re having a good day then you’re T-boned by loneliness, fear, or guilt? Pump the brakes! What just happened? In the intersection of a pretty decent life, you’re suddenly reeling with negativity. If you are a living, breathing, wanting, moving, evolving human being - negative emotions will be part of the fully-wakeful-ever-expanding-consciousness-raising-life-experience-package. They can stop you in your tracks, or at least slow you down a bit.  But you can choose to take a closer look and use them as fuel to motivate and inspire you. Emotions are cues from your soul to make necessary changes in your life. When you pause to acknowledge them, back up and say hello to them, you can see them as such. They are internal informants that something...

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Three Toxins That Kill Happiness – and what to do about them.

As I sit down to write this blog I'm struck by three repeated conversations with clients, family, and friends.  Most of us have clarity about how we want to feel - happy, free, grounded. But instead we end up frustrated, overwhelmed, and burdened.  We get stuck and confused about how to internalize positivity in an enduring way. In the quest for the seemingly elusive states of calm and happiness, several common toxins manifest. But you can change them!  Take stock of your life and notice which ones are preventing you from living fully.  Here are the top three culprits...


Psychology Today – Regret: 8 Ways to Move On

Regret, Feeling Stuck and Breaking Free Post published by Mark Banschick M.D. on May 01, 2015 in Psychology Today. Whoopsie!  You screwed up royally. You behaved in a way that negatively impacted you, a situation, or the people you love. You can’t let go of the guilt and self loathing for what you did. You believe you must be a bad person. You’re feeling stuck, undeserving of love and happiness, and downright fraudulent. You’ve convinced yourself you’re a monster. The negative thoughts and feelings that accompany the memories of that-thing-that-you-did are creating more problems. You’re damaging yourself – your low self worth causes increased stress and depression. You’re damaging your relationships – believing you don’t deserve to be loved actually builds walls between you and the people most important in your...

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Courage. Flow. Abundance.

Through the years of my practice, people have asked me how I do the intensive work that I do. This question perplexes me. I wonder the opposite.  How could I not do what I do? I am inspired by the healing, wanting, dreaming, changing, and transforming that happens in the therapy and coaching room everyday.  The person who leaves my office is not the same person who entered it 45 minutes earlier. They have a new insight, idea, peace, or focus to carry with them into the world. Yes, it is sometimes difficult work. And always challenging. It ebbs and flows.  But when you meet someone where they are, whether it's a high point or low one, it validates them. It invites them to go somewhere else...


Spring Cleaning: Manifesting your ideal self

The frozen earth thaws. The snow turns to water nourishing the budding trees and sprouting crocus.  The first signs of spring emerge.  A renewed energy bursts forth. The spring warmth comes, albeit overdue. It’s been a long, cold winter in New York City. If you’re anything like me, you’re longing for the sunny, carefree days ahead. Oh, but wait - we have a tons of work to do. That mountain high to-do list is staring us in the face like the one-eyed-one-horned-flying-purple-people-eater!  It seems monstrous, right? Well, even that purple people eater made his wish come true, according to Sheb Wooley. Most of us are results-driven-future-seekers.  We fast-forward to the end. Our long term goal is crystal clear - whether its earning more money, losing weight, or living a healthier lifestyle....